Golf Academy


The EGM Golf Academy team of professionals subscribe to the belief that true learning in golf is the result of consistent effort, commitment and sound direction. Every day our effort and commitment is fully prepared to meet your golfing needs, providing appropriate direction, leading to your success.

Our purpose is to tailor instruction to your needs and create opportunity for a long standing relationship between you, the game of golf and the EGM Golf Academy.

We know you can learn and we strive to give you every opportunity.


Teaching/Learning Philosophy

One might notice that learning to play golf has become more and more about how to swing the golf club. One highly regarded theory stresses eight or nine positions during the swing that the golfer must accurately achieve in order to hit a good golf shot! While this approach may in fact benefit a small portion of golfers (mainly the touring professional) it is no wonder that many more are left confused and frustrated and feeling that learning to play golf is far too difficult and required too much time.

Certainly, the ability to swing the club and hit a golf ball with some consistency is necessary and enjoyable aspect of the game. We all marvel at the sight of the golf ball sailing into the blue heavens. It seems however, most golfer never learn “how to play” because they never move beyond how to swing! EGM professionals are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of golf instruction to all levels of players and derives great satisfaction from their student’s improvements.  We will develop proper swing technique, tempo and mental skills with effective practice methods. We have three PGA of Canada instructors on staff at the Edmonton Garrison Memorial Golf & Curling Club.  Please call the Pro Shop at (780) 973-3033 or send us a message here, to book your lesson.

Jody Noseworthy – Apprentice Professional
Andre DiBartolo – Associate Professional
Matt Gawley – Head Professional




1 x Private Lesson



3 x Private Lessons



5 x Private Lessons



1 x Semi-Private Lesson (2 people)



3 x Semi-Private Lessons (2 people)



5 x Semi-Private Lessons (2 people)



1 x Group Lesson (3-6 people)



3 x Group Lessons (3-6 people)



5 x Group Lessons (3-6 people)



* Range balls and any equipment needed are included.

* Private lessons include 30 minutes of instruction and 15 minutes of practice time.

* Semi-Private/Group lessons include 45 minutes of instruction and 15 minutes of practice.

PLEASE NOTE: All lessons are a contracted service between the student(s) and instructor. As such, preferred method of payment is Cash/ Cheque or E-transfer.

GST not included in above pricing.

All bookings are based upon availability and must be confirmed with the instructor.